Holy Mackrel, Subscribers! I am so sorry about the many, many drafts you just received of my next post– not even finished yet! Please delete all those emails, as I’ve done with the drafts.  Somehow, WordPress “published” every time I hit the “save draft” button(!!)  There have been some changes recently at WordPress so maybe all the engineers are high today. Or maybe I’m high. I don’t know. But I’m very sorry  :(

Update [attention other WordPress users, so you don’t make the same mistake!]: In thinking back, I now realize that I clicked “New Post” icon in the upper right of the screen to start writing the post. I had never seen this feature before, but assumed it was a shorter version of the regular editing screen. I started writing as usual.  Apparently, I now realize, this is some “real-time” option, like Twitter or whatever, and it publishes automatically for as long as the screen is open. (If this feature was announced on WordPress, I missed the memo!). It’s also possible that I just made that up.

I had no idea that the small-screen draft had been auto-published dozens of times until I actually looked at my blog! There were no messages (“Warning: did you know your subscribers are getting ready to stage a spam mutiny??!”), etc. Why anyone would want an auto-post, real-time feature, I have no idea. I certainly did not. I feel so used. I still am not clear about why this happened. But here’s a picture of an antelope for you.

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3 thoughts on “SORRY!!

  1. The antelope was nice, and on the bright side, I found your hilarious mouse post which I had missed so, there is a silver lining for you.

    • Aw, thank you Heather! Yes, that’s a good silver lining, I’m so happy you enjoyed that post! I’ll be glad to return to the normal One Post At A Time, but thankful that I have understanding readers.

  2. Thanks for clarifying
    . I thought that you’d taken up head-banging, stuttering and stocking. Of course, I think you’re hilarious no matter what.

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