Along the Rio Grande

Looking north toward Santa Fe

The last day of February was a beautiful day for a walk along the river. This road runs between a drainage ditch and the river, parallel to the BioPark. What started out as a sunny day looked like this by 3 p.m. Gaggles of Canada geese are heading north again and in their noisy Vs crossed overhead many times. I love the winter palette because it’s so full of browns, greys, and blacks. It was raining by 4 but I kept going. One of the best things about Albuquerque is the proximity to both the river (5 min from downtown) and the Sandia Mountains (20 min from downtown).

the Rio Grande, looking southeast

I’m told the Rio Grande once supported 21 different kinds of fish, including a sturgeon species. This comes as a surprise, I’m sure, to anyone who’s actually seen the Rio Grande with its muddy waters, sand banks, and slow trickle-out before it even reaches Mexico. A pale relative of what the river must have been before electricity and agriculture needs altered it forever. But still, it is beautiful and it is ours.


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