Blossom Bowls – Ready to Load

I’m finally finished with all of the ceramic work that will be loaded into the anagama kiln this weekend. I thought I was finished last week, but then this wild apple tree down the street caught my attention (it caught my hair, actually).

I thought it was so beautiful that I was inspired to make these cup/bowls.

It’s a new shape and a new design, and I was up half the night all week painting 9 of them. After I finished, I realized that the shape of the bowl is the same cupped shape as the blossoms–not great for stacking, but I really like the rounded form. I also liked using photo-like cropping to place the designs, so they’re like vignettes, and focusing on the abstract line quality of the branches. I’ll post a picture of all the bisque ware headed for Madrid after I unload the kiln later today.


4 thoughts on “Blossom Bowls – Ready to Load

  1. Gosh! They look fabulous.

    Is it me or is your art blossoming now you’re concentrating less on the volume and more on your muse (or whatever)?

    • I think I’m just getting obsessy and schizoid trying to do too much… Maybe that makes good art?! But then again, there’s a chance none of it will turn out from the firing, anyway, so I can’t get too excited about any of it. Yes, wood firing = the great lesson in letting go!

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