Something’s Been In The Cornstarch

WTF is this?! This counter was clean when I went to bed last night. Now something’s made this mess of the cornstarch, inadvertently left out after I used it to cook tofu. When I saw the dish this morning, I assumed Isabella had come along and run her fingers through it, just because cornstarch is fun to touch. But no. She denies it. I suppose a moth could have landed in there and flapped around — cornstarch isn’t so different from that creepy dust they wear on their wings — but on closer examination, it looks like something’s been wallowing in it. Wallowing like a buffalo on the Texas plains! The only reasonable explanation is either a wayward spirit (but that doesn’t explain the tiny white footprints on the counter), or… ANOTHER f**%$# damn #$*** MOUSE!
Holy God, not again

Ok, I don't know if this shows up in the photo, but I think there's a tiny 'snow angel' in there.

I will say this: I must have the smartest f*ing mice on the planet. They’re smart, and they learn. Last year, word got out in Mouse Town that those who went into the black, peanut-butter smelling tubes never came out. And the live traps stopped being effective. I had to switch up my game and use the homemade duffel bag trap for the stragglers. And here, what ingenuity: rolling in cornstarch, like an elephant taking a dust bath, effectively creating a portable “take-out” meal for the mouse on the run. Eat-and-groom in one sleek action. I’m quickly losing my sense of humor. I haven’t seen a mouse or evidence of a mouse for months! WHERE THE F***** ARE THEY COMING FROM??! And WHY MY HOUSE?! It’s f*ing SUMMERTIME, run out and play and eat off the fat of the land!!!!


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