Disaster Strikes

This is what happens when you’re a clay artist in too much of a hurry. Explosions. I painted these bowls & cups yesterday and should have known (maybe I did know) that one of the bottoms wasn’t quite dry yet… You see, when water reaches its boiling point and it’s trapped inside a clay form, the need to expand and escape is fairly dramatic. Kind of like the moisture inside of popcorn*, but with much less delicious results, or the reactions that live inside toddlers and pre-teens. But that’s another story. This former bowl was a beauty, light-weight and medium sized with a branch and red blossoms.

And just when I thought I’d lost only one…

The carnage continued. It’s my own fault. I’ve been working grotesque hours to meet random, self-imposed holiday deadlines, and I bisque fired everything last night when I should have just set these two aside and fired them later. In analyzing the confluence of choices, variables, and circumstance that created this event, I naturally must also examine more sinister motives: my own unconscious desire to fail and self-sabotage, if for no other reason than I simply did not want to spend half the day glazing bowls. Plus, random holiday deadlines are stupid. Hmf.

The more optimistic me would simply say, It Could Have Been Worse. Generally speaking, I hate that phrase because it could always be worse: the guy with a broken arm can look at the guy with no arms and think, “It could be worse,” and the guy with no arms can look at the guy with no arms and no legs and think, “It could always be worse,” and that one could look at the guy with no arms, no legs and no head and think… “it could always be worse…” When does it ever end?! Like everything, this particular event is neither good nor bad; in this case, it simply means that I now have to vacuum out the entire kiln and I have 2 fewer bowls to sell. It could always be worse.

At least these things survived

So I’ll just stop here and be glad. Have a great week!

Coming Up: Recipe for the best holiday cookies EVER! (You chocolate lovers with be particularly ecstatic.)


*This clever comparison reminds me of a great trick for reviving stale popcorn: soak it in water for about 20 min, then lay it out on a towel and pat/air dry, until it’s completely dry. Store in the fridge. This makes super-fluffy popcorn and allows you to buy it in bulk (often stale). I like to finish it with butter and a mixture of season salt, garlic salt and cayenne… And while we’re on the subject, did you know that popcorn, like its corny relatives such as tortillas and posole, raises the serotonin level in your brain?! That’s right, good-bye Xanex, hello Orville!


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