Introducing The Paper Turtle

Hello readers,

The day has finally arrived to announce my new business.  woo hoo! The Paper Turtle is alive! I’ve been working so hard on this for many, many months (as opposed to just being a lazy blogger, which is how it appears).  I built a new web site. I opened a new  Etsy store.  I set up a DHL account and now have a vague understanding of import and tariff issues.  I’ve designed and advised on sculptures.  I’ve sat in the corner of a bar wearing my tiara, weeping, crippled by self-doubt and a dash of resentment that I was born without math skills. 

And finally, I launched our fundraising project on Kickstarter (the lovely image on the left… just click it to be whisked directly to our project).  Kickstarter is one of my new loves:  a fantastic funding resource for us artistic/inventor types to help us bring our ideas to life with decentralized funding; in other words, no corporations or banks are holding you by the short-hairs.  Love it! I’ve backed a couple of wonderful projects including this one and this one.  And look how much  these guys were “over-funded” for their coffee jujubees.  Holy mackerel!  It just makes me so happy to see what can be accomplished with generosity & group effort.

I won’t go into details about The Paper Turtle here–its origins or future or all of the amazing things my partner Aly does in Haiti–because I think the video + web site say it better.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you can feel my heart all over this.



Talk to me! I spend too much time alone in the studio.

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