Good-Bye April Studio News

It’s been a great Friday so far: I shipped new work to Durango, avoided every minute of the Royal Wedding, and I rescued a bunch of plants from Lowe’s Death Row (check the very back of the plant section for huge savings on plants that, apparently, no one had time to take care of an are barely hanging on by their straggly roots, but are remarkably revivable! This has become the new favorite pleasure den to feed my plant addiction.)

The group of vases headed for Durango will be shown in Sorrel Sky Gallery.  The owner, Shannon, bought a building a few doors up from the existing space on Main Ave. and the new gallery will be much larger than before.  The grand opening is May 12, but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend because I’ll be in Turkey. I’m totally excited about Turkey, and yes, I will try to give you a virtual tour while I’m there if I can manage to work the Mac notebook or NotePad or whatever it is, that my friend is lending me.   

Also today, the end of the second week, our Kickstarter project is 63% funded! That means we still have six weeks to rustle about $3,000 in additional pledges and we’re there!

Finally, I also finished a medium-large order of paper turtles for a client here. Unfortunately, the order is a little short because the DHL shipment I was expecting from Haiti didn’t arrive.  I finally got ahold of Aly, who explained that after the election results earlier this week, mischief-makers took to the streets and started burning and breaking things.  Aly’s main sculptor, Barthold, was on his way back to the workshop with 2 boxes of turtles when his cab (taptap) ran into the trouble. Barthold had to drop everything–the boxes of turtles and even his cell phone–and run. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not uncommon in Port-au-Prince.  From what I understand, doing business is very difficult in Haiti because the entire system, and then some, is working against you.  So, I’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the rest of the turtles.  Hope the client understands.

Here are a few pictures of new work, plus the best thing in the garden right now. Have a great weekend.

Two Rivers, raku fired stoneware, 9.25 in. x 8.25 in.

Spring Rain (detail), raku fired stoneware, 7 in x 6 in.

Aspen Grove, raku fired stoneware, 6 in h. to 9.5 in. h

Indigo Evening (detail), raku fired stoneware, 7 in. x 5.5 in.


3 thoughts on “Good-Bye April Studio News

  1. Hi Laura,
    wow, those Aspen grove pieces are stunning, I love them! I am sorry that I have not had a chance to get back to you about your new project idea and kickstarter. I think that it all sounds wonderful!! We are so full on involved in planning our exit from NYC that I have not had a chance to properly check it out, but congratulations on such a great plan! Your Iris is stunning to, clearly you have some plant skills!

  2. Thank you, Faith! I know you have been busy and there’s so much excitement for you right now; don’t worry about my new project until you have a minute to sit down and breathe. I can’t wait to see pictures of your new place & life. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great sale!

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