From the Garden: Lilacs, Dogs & Potaotes

Working in my garden today, I just had to photograph the lilacs. Again. I do it every year, I can’t help it. I love looking at the flowers up close (click to enlarge). In addition to cutting my own lilacs and putting them in vases all around the house for Easter week, my ritual also includes late-night raids of my neighbors’ plants. I know. This is perhaps an obsession. But they are my very favorite Spring flower. Plus, I only cut from shrubs that have tons of flowers so I know they won’t be missed. Lilacs don’t last long once cut, but here’s my harvesting secret for maximum longevity:  cut them early in the a.m. (or late at night, depending) and put them in ice water.  Also, cut them when the stalk is half-bloomed, like those in the pictures. If the buds are all closed or the flowers all open, they die right away.

Velma kept me company while I worked. At least she had the courtesy to lay between the cabbages.  Bad dog.

And I finally got around to harvesting my potatoes from last year, too. Here’s the bounty.

Yes, this was the total yield from eight seed potatoes planted in an extra-fancy, 2′ dia. x 18″ potato-growing bag. There were green plants that grew big and flowered and I’m not sure what happened after that.  Maybe my neighbors snuck in for a few late-night harvests.

Happy Easter.


15 thoughts on “From the Garden: Lilacs, Dogs & Potaotes

  1. Beeeeutiful! I think I will go over to Anna Muller’s and swipe some of her lilacs for Easter Dinner. I think someone didn’t water their potatoes enough because we had tons.

    • I think my potato patch was sabotaged. Not mentioning any names of small children who were charged with watering my plants while I was away at a funeral!

  2. Great ideas… but I’m thinking that since these two represent the total accumulation of all my hard work and garden toil, they should be fashioned into something more glorious, such as two dwarf latkas (Passover season & all) or two tiny baked potatoes, with 1/4 tsp sour cream and tiny chives, served atop a heap of Bac-os on a cake platter. What do you think?

    • That’s a great idea! especially the heap of BacOs – I was going to suggest 3 on top, but then you’d never see the potato.

      Maybe make latke mix and carry it in a little cup. You could fry them up wherever you go on a spoon over a lighter!

      • I KNEW I liked you for some reason! The portable Latke Fix is over the top! “For consumption or direct injection.” I think I smell a trademark… Bravo, Guapka!

    • Oh, great thought, Russel! In approximately 47 years, I could probably open a restaurant with all the potatoes I’ll have. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

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