I have no words.

But I did make some pictures!

My sister forwarded me an e-newsletter today from Clue, which seems to be a website devoted to menstrual cycle info & tracking systems. Newsletter topics included The variety of vulvas (when it comes to vulvas, there is no ‘normal’); Stress and the Cycle; and my very favorite, The Period Coloring Book:  a meditative coloring book that normalizes and challenges the stigma around periods. From the author:


I find this hilarious.

I clicked the link to the Indiegogo fundraiser page (check out the coloring video) and was disappointed to find that the campaign is over (funded 137%) so I cannot get my own book or one (shhhh, Christmas surprise!) for lovely Isabella.


who has abandoned me for college life in Nashville.

But, I thought, what the heck, no reason I can’t start my own book now and hope that the print copy is available one day soon in a retail outlet near me. Here’s a preview of my work so far.






6 thoughts on “I have no words.

  1. Yet another idea I have been thinking about doing for YEARS, and again, someone beat me to it 😦 I also hope that it will be available for purchase soon, as I have three daughters who already love to color—just wait till they see what mom brings home! They’ll also make great stocking stuffers/goody bag treats for future birthday parties!

    • Lighthearted?! This is serious business, Ging, as illustrated by the woman on the toilet. And yes, Nashville… trying to distance herself from the Red but nonetheless having a great college experience so far. Off to visit her tomorrow!!

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