Biodegradable Urns


The Turtle, Dolphin, Lotus, and Sand Dollar Urns are a beautiful way to honor your loved one with a water burial. They are available for purchase through my second business, Paper Turtle. Click here to  shop for biodegradable urns.


About These urns are produced in the greenest manner possible using recycled paper, non-toxic, plant-based adhesive, and a minimal amount of water-based paint or varnish. They are used primarily for ocean burial and are designed to float for several minutes before slowly sinking and biodegrading naturally over time.

I began designing biodegradable cremation urns in 2009 to help satisfy a growing need for sustainable, affordable, creative and unique burial choices. I create the prototypes in my Albuquerque studio and they are produced at a small crafts company in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. Artisans are paid a living wage for their work in a traditional art form. Your purchase helps support the local economy in San Miguel Allende.


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