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  1. Hello, I am very interested in how you fire your raku tiles. Are they fired flat or on edge? I have done lots of underglaze sgriffito work in landscapes. I am going to raku some new ones. Do you have any suggestions on your landscape process? I have been a production potter for 42 years. This new direction is very exciting. Thanks, a potter friend in indiana.

    • Hi potter friend, I’m not raku firing anymore, but when I did fire tiles I did it both flat and on edge. The smaller ones (up to 6″) were fired flat on a rigged up BBQ grate — although it got really hard to find grates that weren’t teflon coated. The larger ones I stood up horizontally or vertically, facing the kiln wall, against a brick. They are tricky because sometimes the glaze matures on one end but not the other. But overall, I had good luck with the tiles. Do you have a website where I can look at your work? Laura

      • Thanks for writing back. I will send photos of my finished landscape tiles on wed. The ones that youll see are not raku. They are mostly scrafitto and diff colored clay bodys. Cone 6 electric. I am interested in your critique. Thanks again, terry dukeman, potter

  2. Hello! I just read some of your blog entries, and I can hear your voice in my head! I have just started playing in clay. I don’t have a kiln, so I mostly work with mica red clay and fire it in my weber charcoal grill. Thank You Sumi Vondassow for that bit of inspiration. Working on bean pots. Its the only thing I can make at the moment. Do you ever give a lesson or two? Just wondering. ( Love the little shaped urns, by the way. )

Talk to me! I spend too much time alone in the studio.

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