Little Vipers Daycare

When gallery sales are slow, I sometimes work part-time jobs to fill in the financial gaps. Last year, after five luxurious years of working full-time in my studio, the economy took its toll on my career and I had to look for other work. I was fortunate enough to find a part-time, flexible, stress-free job at a non-profit. I slowly acclimated to office culture, complete with potlucks, gossip, and composite surfaces gleaming under the florescents. Quite the change from my peaceful, turn-of-the century adobe studio that opens into the garden, with dogs, birds, and toads to keep me company while working on whatever inspires my creativity at the moment. I think they like having me in the office, the only creative presenceĀ in the whole place. Sometimes, they just want me for my ideas. And that’s fine.

Today I’m at the office and was asked to come up with some names and marketing info for a new child care center. Here’s my idea (I’m pretty proud of it).

Talk to me! I spend too much time alone in the studio.

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