I’m pretty sure I gave birth to the Christ Child 15 years ago today

Madonna and Child. In Swimsuits. No?

Madonna and Child. In Swimsuits. No?

As you regular readers may recall, I have one daughter, Isabella.. and today is her birthday!  She is my beautiful girl: tall and long-haired, smart, funny and fantastically ill-suited for team sports. Oh, and she writes. Like this, on the occasion of her 14th birthday:

My birthday, aka, the day I came shooting out of a dark, suspicious hole like a morbid bloody Slip-n-Slide.

That was during a rebellious phase.

Or this excerpt from the introductory post on her very own, short-lived blog, begun and ended last March:

If there is one thing that you should know about me, it’s that, on this social networking forum, I will attempt as best I can to express my outlook on the world as well as retain my natural prescription of dignity. That is my ultimate goal, but alas, like diets and New Year’s Resolutions, at some point I will fail.

[…] In all probability, this blog is like a underdeveloped non-vascular fungus lurking in the hard-to-reach crevice of the liquor cabinet. It’s always been there, but few people notice it. They’re more interested in the flashy bottles of Miller Light, (so to speak), than the suspicious growth in the corner that watches from afar. Only the more observant beings, the OCD, must-investigate-everything-to-make-sure-it’s-clean types with a bottle of Lysol in one overly-washed hand and a ball of steel wool in the other, will notice you.

I love that she has a prescription of dignity.  And Miller Light in the liquor cabinet.

We progenitors of only children tend to think we’ve produced the Christ Child: the most accomplished, pure, fascinating, devastatingly talented and intelligent human ever. The embodiment of holy perfection itself. Any parent of an Only who tells you anything different is simply lying.

Bella Italy

St. Francis, is that you?

st francis

Did I mention that Isabella sometimes sings German opera?

And draws?

music pic

I know. I’m totally bragging. But any of you who are familiar with Isabella’s tragi-dramatic entrance into this world , or who have witnessed over time my attentive navigation through her various & exotic health concerns, not to mention teen years, will agree: I’ve earned it.

A serious health concern, age 18 mo.

A serious health concern, age 18 mo.

So today, after 15 years of fun and challenge, humor and drama, music, art, trial & error, I would like to wish my little groundhog a Happy Birthday! I wouldn’t be nearly the obnoxious stage mom loving soul that I am today were it not for you. You are my heart.


22 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure I gave birth to the Christ Child 15 years ago today

  1. HILARIOUS!!!! One editorial comment, though—as I recall, Isabella was more dragged, kicking and screaming from “a dark, suspicious hole” than shot out….

  2. Happy birthday, Isabella. One day you’ll understand that your mom meant all of this in the best possible way. You are both ridiculously beautiful and shamefully smart women, cut from the same cloth for sure. Have a great celebration!

    • Oh, God, water to wine, I never thought of that… must confiscate all that Evian she claims to need for tennis practice! Thank you Guap, for stopping by with birthday wishes and foreboding ideas. 😉

  3. Happy Everything. Diego must be doing cartwheels in heaven today. I hope my beautiful grandaughter has fun at the Winter Ball tonight and that you take lots of dramatic photos. What a wonderful mother and daughter you are!

    • Oh, thanks mom! We wouldn’t be here without you. Literally! 🙂 I missed the photo op because I can’t be in so many places at once… I don’t even know if I’ll make it to the Lobo game–

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to your daughter, and hearty congratulations to you -you most certainly have had something to do with who she is becoming!

  5. I love your daughter, inside and out, she’s so much like you! The fruit really doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? Still waiting for your to post one of those American Girl video clips. The one you sent me was AWESOME.
    Happy Happy Birthday to Isabella. You’re both beyond lucky to have each other, and beautiful inside and out.

    • Wow, Stacie, absolutely over the top compliment *blush* and confidence in our little orchard here. What a nice thing to say… Isabella has felt so special entering her 16th year of life (can’t believe). I forgot you’d seen some of those videos–they kind of make her cringe now, but maybe I can sneak a few into a post one day… Thanks for your loveliness. ❤

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