Woodfire Results: Wares & Winner!

sky vase

We unloaded the kiln last Saturday and all of my pieces survived, although some will need to be re-fired because they’re a little too dark or too crusty.

But the consensus among the group (and guests at the opening!) was that it was a success — great pottery, sales, and fun.



Overall, I’m very happy with the results and I finally have fresh inventory for my online shop.



sky vase


poppy jar

Now, on to the results of Woodfire of Fortune contest:

Strangely, all of the contestant poppy cups survived the firing without major “damage”. They were about equal in surface quality and I wasn’t sure how I would ever pick a winner…


Until I turned them over, looking for initials. Lo and behold! See that ugly crack and those initials next to it… MB?!


ROAM ABOUT MIKE, Traveler, Writer, Purveyor of awesome YOU ARE A WINNER!

One of the things I love about blogging is getting to know other bloggers, even if by words alone. I’ve been following Roam About Mike for almost a year now, and he’s not only a great writer, but also hilarious, humble, and generous. How do I know this? Because Mike periodically thanks his subscribers with random give-aways, items from his Pantheon of useless and upsetting memorabilia such as American Hoggers™ tea cups, or beef jerky left over from camping trips.

A few months back, Mike had a give-away to celebrate his 46,000th subscriber. He offered old comp cards (signed, of course) from his former modeling/acting career which he reluctantly abandoned when Heroin Chic tragically took its place in the annals of deceased style trends. He went on to cultivate a successful stand-up comedy career, a highlight from which was used to enter the contest. (Check it out in the comments here.)

Anyway, I said, “Yes, please!” to that give-away and eagerly awaited my prize in the mail. Little did I know that the “card” was actually billboard sized (!!), rolled around a sapling and delivered by freight. Too large to fully unravel and hang on the walls of my modest Bungalow, I carted the massive double-sided portrait to my daughter’s high school gym where I could safely unroll it to its full glory. It was a little overwhelming.



One of the conditions of his give-away was to photograph yourself with the “card” and send it back to him. So, here you go, Mike. And thanks! I’ll never have to buy wallpaper again.

It almost seems fated that Mike won this contest, given the series of unsettling questions he emailed me (before the kiln opening) regarding “clay toilets” — if I could make one, functionality, how one might be used in his cobb house (?), buttocks measuring devices, etc etc. So, it seems like more than a coincidence that his cup won because of a healthy crack across its bottom. But I’m a believer in fate as much as anything and a win is a win, no matter how slim the margins, so high-five my friend, a cracked but functional cup is on its way to your new house. (I’ll contact you privately about your Prize Selection Part II, lucky man!)

Thanks to all the contestants who bared their humiliations for art’s sake, and for the love of free stuff. My life is the richer for it.

13 thoughts on “Woodfire Results: Wares & Winner!

    • Howdy Emily, what wonderful words, thank you! I appreciate you taking a moment away from your Wee Cee to comment…and glad you enjoy my work 🙂

    • Thank you John! I wish I could afford to give everyone a prize, but alas, a living must be earned. The competition was stiff with this contest but don’t worry, there will be others….

  1. Bwahahahaha!
    Holy crap you made me laugh.
    Thank you so very much for this. Cannot wait to get my cup, to sip green tea with whiskey, whilst molding a Play-Doh toilet.
    You are the best, Laura (but seriously, I need my billboard back).

    • Ma-boob-catch! Congratulations and I’m glad you had a good laugh at my expense. Fortunately, your cup is not cracked all the way through so your morning whisky will stay put until you guzzle it with the Cap’n Crunch. And forget about ever seeing the billboard again, it’s glued to my bedroom ceiling.

  2. Laura!! You are hilarious – the way you photographed yourself in front of that poster! But more importantly, your new poppy cups are absolutely beautiful. And the vases are equally as amazing; you really know how to use wood-firing to obtain such stunning results. Love your work!

    • Wow, thanks so much, Patricia! Unfortunately, I can’t take all the credit for knowing how to use wood-fire, it’s actually the kiln, fire, air, etc. that do half the work! )”Work”.) That’s what’s so much fun–I don’t have to make all the decisions 🙂 Lovely to see you here.

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