Valentine’s Road Trip

The internet is overflowing with travel blogs that chronicle all manner of exotic locales far and wide with amazing photographs, brilliant descriptive prose, and the writers’ taste for adventure. I am promising no such thing.

The work is piling up. The house is a mess. Custom orders. Three jobs. Summer planning. A wood-firing that starts at the end of the month. A checking account with numbers that are roughly the same as my weight. And a great-grandmother of unsurpassed heart who’s having trouble adjusting to her new assisted-living situation in Scottsbluff, NE.

So I ask you: what better time than now for a sudden road trip to Nebraska to visit our great-grandmother?

This trip will consist of The Navigator, The Devotee, and me, The Documenter.

road trip

I hope you will join us.

I will try to post just one interesting thing each day. And if this trip is anything like our last expedition through the northern plains, that will be a challenge.

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Road Trip

  1. I’ve generally found everything you post interesting.
    Have a great trip!!!!

    (But are you sure Nebraska is where you want to go? In February?)
    (Unless that’s where Scottsbluff is…)

    • Aw, thanks Guap, I appreciate that. Sometimes I think I shoud post more but I really don’t want to write a blah-blah-blog, with nothing interesting to say. And good question re: Nebraska… yes, that’s where Jessie lives. I’m pretty sure she’s the brightest, most interesting feature of the entire state.

    • Thanks, Tina! Not sure what we will encounter, or how it will be viewed through my tired eyes (I’m the only driver). See you in Colorado. Or Wyoming 😉

  2. I’m excited! I’m thinking YOU GUYS being in NE is about the most exciting thing about NE. When last I did that drive 5 years ago, there was a lot of….yep, you guessed it… CORN! Looking forward to tales of more interesting, or at least different, sights.

  3. While Velma drives to Nebraska, I will take care of Rufina and the Garcia Sisters.
    Jerry’s Administrative Assistant will receive of two of your great skull cups, while you are on your adventure to Scotts Bluff. . We will all be waiting for your tales and your return.

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