Picture Day: Street Art Utopia

I recently found Street Art Utopia (“We declare the world as our canvas”) and thought I’d share some of their fantastic collection of street & environmental art from around the world–just in case you’re not already one of their 545,000 Facebook fans. Almost all of these images are from their Most Beloved of 2011 collection, but you’ll find lots more on their website and Facebook page, including links to many of the artists and collections of their work.  All images courtesy of Street Art Utopia. Enjoy the Friday feast!

Yarn Bombing by B-Arbeiten

Painting by Bansky

Little People - A Tiny Street Art Collection by Slinkachu

Little People - A Tiny Street Art Collection by Slinkachu

Guerilla Crochet by Agata Olek

Little People - A Tiny Street Art Collection by Slinkachu

Yarn Bombing by B-Arbeiten

Little People - A Tiny Street Art Collection by Slinkachu

Little People - A Tiny Street Art Collection by Slinkachu

18 thoughts on “Picture Day: Street Art Utopia

  1. Wow, Laura! I love art and have not heard of this site. Fantastic. The Little People collection is awesome.

    I particularly like the shot with the wheelchair on the swing. So graphic and poignant.

    Great stuff. Thanks!

    • Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either–how could we have missed?! I love the idea of art outside of “institutional” walls, including galleries, homes, corporate offices. Art for art’s sake, and the sake of making a statement or provoking thought. Where is my colored chalk….

    • Glad you enjoyed! Freaking Out = always a good response to art. Those I can do without: “neat!”, “cute!” = makes my skin crawl. I’ve heard that more times that I’d care to admit in response to my own work.

        • Yes, very true. And maybe it’s a matter of intention–if you’re making something that you feel is cute, it would be a huge sense of accomplishment to have communicated that to other people, and for them to respond that way. I always think about that when I go to Hobby Lobby and see the bows and glitter and unicorny things. Or maybe there are always just different responses–like someone who sees a crocheted tree might think, “adorable!” while someone else contemplates the marriage traditional ‘women’s work’ + natural world, growth, shelter, seeing a domestic craft out of context, whatever. Interesting to think about…

  2. Oh!! I loved so many of these, and quite a few of them made me laugh out loud! Wonderful! Looks like I’m going to have to check out Street Art Utopia myself. Thanks for the share!

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