Velma Lives! And we have contest winners!

It’s been 10 days since the surgery that restored Velma’s ailing bowel to what appears to be a normally functioning organ… so I am confident in calling it a success. Wa-hoo! She is doing great, feeling so much better and acting like a normal dog — eating, licking belly staples, and trying to gobble cat poop on walks. It’s a re-birth of sorts, no?

We are so grateful to have the company of our rascally Whippet-cross for whatever time we have left together. Grateful and happy






And now, on to the stunning prizes! I asked you to guess what the mysterious obstruction in Velma’s duodenum was, and here are the answers:

annierubidoux – “walnut!”

Glennda – “round rock”

Gemini Girl In a Random World – “remnant of six geese a-laying. Or a turtle-dove. Maybe one of those 5 golden rings which would be SWEET because it’d pay all of those vet bills.”

Roam About Mike – “something festive; something christmasy. An ornament, or xmas bulb.”

maggi – “hairball”

Heather – “ball of yarn”

DonnaBruzzese – “whole bottle of Excedrin in retaliation for me leaving her for the weekend.”

El Guapo – “Hoffa’s Teamster ring… hope she bounces back soon!

Ginger – “smooth river rock from the pond”

Of course, the obstruction did turn out to be a “ball” of some sort (inside of a golf ball is the best guess, thanks Scott for the  investigative research), so technically there is no winner. But there is! Because my dog is alive, it’s 2013, and I’m daring to dream! So, rather than choosing one winner based on a correct guess, I’ve chosen several based on random criteria.

Maggi and Heather:  your answers contained the word “ball”  — wrong substance, right word — you are winners!

El Guapo:  clever, witty, nonsensical (extra points for bounces back)you are a winner!

Gemini Girl In a Random World: still hoping Velma deposits those golden rings in my yard… yay for giving me a fantasy to cling to while I creatively finance the vet bill — you are a winner!

Originally, the winner was going to chose a prize of either the obstruction itself, or a ceramic bowl handmade by me. However, I’ve changed the loot to reflect updated information and my mood:

1. I’ve decided that black ball is evil so it is no longer offered as a prize.

2. We have four winners instead of one, so I’ve expanded the choices. (I have multiples of everything except the flower bowl, but I can make more in a couple weeks.)

Congratulations winners! Please select one of the three prizes and email me your choice + address ( so I can send it to you. Thanks for contributing, everyone, and let’s hope this is the last time we will ever, ever play this game.

prize bowl

Small hand-painted bowl around 5″ x 4″, perfect for ice cream, soup, tea, or a side of chitlins.

prize cup

A coffee cup in my favorite style — handle-less and curvy, clean-lined and Venus of Wilendorf-reminiscent. These soda-fired cups will lovingly embrace 12 oz of your favorite hot or cold beverage.

prize dragonfly

Small pile of ceramic dragonflies. Why? Why not?! Fun to display as a collection, or to leave individually on a co-worker’s desk with no explanation.

15 thoughts on “Velma Lives! And we have contest winners!

    • Great sentiment Guap, but I’m so happy to distribute prizes! it’s a way for me to memorialize this [turns out to be happy] event, spread the love. Don’t forget to email me your address!

  1. Awesome! So glad Velma is doing so well! It is so hard when our pets go through something like this. We adopted a new cat a couple months ago and after a week, she snuck out and was missing for four days! I was beside myself!! Turned out she was only four houses a way at a neighbor’s house and when they saw the posters we put around the neighborhood they came by with her. I knew she had to be close by but was so scared and frustrated for her!

  2. Yay! Velma is surviving and thriving!

    I’d agree with Guap, but my middle child, Grace, loves Chitlins. Plus I love free stuff. So excited to get a Laura original. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Two thumbs up for Chtlins! Woop! When you say ‘fried intestines,’ I think Live Clay! Your little bowl (ready to mail in approximately 2 wks) will serve as a great reminder. And server of things. Anyway… thanks for playing, Stacie, great to see you 😉

    • Wow, Mike, thank you, and I only wish you’d submitted your revised answer before the deadline…. love ballb! (I may carry over some points for that to the next contest.) The husky photo bomber gets me every time… wish I could take credit for it, but alas, no. But I’ll take credit for your tea spillage!

  3. So glad to hear Velma is well again, and proud of my sis Maggi! (I’m guessing it is my sis, and not someone else with that unusual name…) She put me onto your blog, so I think I’m right…and I do enjoy your blog, and seeing your work.
    That goofy blue eyed laughing dog is really keen.
    Barbara, from NYC, in a dogless apt. sigh.

    • Hi Barbara, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoy my blog and got a laugh out of Mr. Husky… Thanks for the comment, and I can’t wait to send your sister the prize-winner her bowl! xx

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